I could have called this page "New" but I wanted to open up the interpretation to include not only recent work, but also some space for design-inspired thoughts (and perhaps a surprise or two). Yes. I think "Fresh" is about right.



The Identity Reflex

When faced with a complex array of related enterprises, my intuitive "identity reflex" kicks in. The Rutgers School of Engineering in New Jersey has nine discrete programs in its impressive portfolio. Applying a few fundamental principles of visual branding takes what might have been a list of offerings and adds useful layers of implied characteristics. This suggests a style and tone related to the nature of engineering as a product category.  Of course, the side effect is to add a supplementary set of tools to the graphic palette as marketing communications help build a more distinctive brand for Rutgers SOE Identity. I can't help myself.


The Unrealized Files


I usually save some ideas that I thought had great potential, but for many reasons having to do with the complex dynamics of client-agency relationships, never saw the light of day. It's a nagging reminder of the subjective and fickle nature of art, design, and the cosmos. In any case, here's what remains of a proposal for a student recruitment package for a private, East Coast college. The driving idea was to build authenticity into a comprehensive campaign using 100% student-created content. The potential: almost unlimited. The risks: high. The result: a few megs of PDFs in my "Unrealized Ideas" folder. Maybe someday.


Lorem Isumpm

I came across this curious snippet of "Lorem Ipsum" used as placeholder text in a design mockup. Couldn't trace the source, but found it reveals some interesting insight into human perception— how our brains are able to interpret cohesive messages given but a few carefully constructed clues. See if you can read this at your normal reading speed.


Persuasion Science

If you can look beyond the trendy "cartoon lecture" presentation here, you'll find a fascinating exposition on the nature of persuasion. And what is design, if not a powerful technique for getting an audience to say yes?